Is The Linux Desktop Ready For Prime Time?

Friday, 10. July 2009

Is the Linux desktop ready for prime time?

Well , that depends what you are looking for. My idea of a desktop might be a bit different from yours, and your idea might not mesh with your friends, or family. But if you are an average user, here are some things for you to think about.

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Internet Explorer ActiveX Exploit.

Thursday, 9. July 2009

Microsoft announced an ActiveX exploit in their Internet Explorer browser product on July 6, 2009. Read the Microsoft Bulletin.

The exploit allows a website to send an ActiveX control that can execute whatever evil or destructive code it wants to, with the permissions of the user doing the browsing. It does all this without the user even knowing that it is happening. THIS IS VERY BAD!

Currently, there are no patches available for this. Microsoft recommends turning off ActiveX controls on your browser.

Isn’t it ironic, that one of the things that force people to use IE on certain websites is now a 0 day exploit…

My recommendation? Use Firefox for all your web browsing…

Till the next time!

— Stu


OpenSSH Exploit, Rumor or Not…

Wednesday, 8. July 2009

Well, it’s that time of year again. We are heading toward the Black Hat conference the end of July, and the net is a buzz with exploits and rumors of exploits.

One such rumor has to do with a package that is the backbone of network and server management on the web. OpenSSH or “Secure SHell” is used by every *nix administrator in the world to manage servers. The thought of an exploit against this package sends shivers down every administrator’s spine.

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The Great Groupware Challenge. Part 1

Tuesday, 7. July 2009

eGroupware 1.6.001

eGroupware has all the features you would expect in a full featured enterprise groupware. This is why I have been using it for my company for the last two years.

It rates as one of the easiest LAMP applications I’ve ever installed, and has more features and applications then most commercial and open source groupwares. Actually, a few too many applications in my opinion.

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The quest for the holy groupware…

Monday, 6. July 2009

I spent the last half of my day checking out the status of client software available for my groupware of choice, Egroupware. It seems that we (the open source community) could do a better job with this. I mean seriously! So, I’ve decided to look into some of the other solutions. I’ll be reviewing:

  • eGroupware
  • Horde
  • MoreGroupware

I’ll share my results right here.

— Stu


Why Open Source…

Sunday, 5. July 2009

I’m always asked, “How can you make money from free softare?”. The answer is simple. You learn the best way to use the software, then help others leverage that software. This is what I do. This blog is to share some of the better stories of making open source sing. I hope you enjoy them…

— Stu