Ubuntu Releases 9.10 – Karmic Koala. An Initial Review.

Friday, 30. October 2009

Ubuntu 9.10. A first look…

Officially released on the 29th, Karmic Koala is burning up Internet bandwidth, as every Linux user rushes to download the new OS. I’ve only had a few hours to play with it, but all and all I like what I see. The developers have really put a lot into meeting the goals they set for themselves.

If you are a current Ubuntu user, you will notice some very slight changes in the user experience. Most of what went into this release is under the hood. Things like reducing bootup time and improving hardware configuration interfaces really take center stage.

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Starting over… Windows 7 or Linux.

Monday, 26. October 2009

Upgrading to Windows 7

Windows 7 is out! And as usual, Microsoft is pushing the idea that: “Windows 7 is the greatest operating system ever created”. Well, I would argue that point, but if you are a hardcore windows user, you most likely will be drinking from the Microsoft Cool-Aid fountain, and will purchase the Windows 7 upgrade.

The first thing you’ll notice is that if you aren’t running Vista, you will be installing Windows 7 as a fresh install. Even if you are running Vista, most experts recommend that you install from scratch regardless. So what does that mean to Windows users? You will be starting fresh! A fresh start! A new tomorrow!

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Notes from my GNUPG talk

Monday, 19. October 2009

What is GNUPG?

GNUPG is the open source alternative to PGP. It allows you to sign and / or encrypt digital information that you are sending to others. They then can verify / decrypt the data. It uses the asymmetric cryptography model for signing data and can use both symmetric and asymmetric cryptography for data encryption.

Why use GNUPG

GNUPG creates an additional layer of security and authenticity of data that you transmit or receive. This helps verify and protect your identity on the web. Using GNUPG for encryption also protects sensitive information during transmission to others, as well as protecting data on storage media.

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Saving Data On The Cloud… Safe?

Monday, 12. October 2009

The temptation of the cloud…

In today’s everything digital world, it seems like a natural thing to store your data where you can get to it from anywhere. But who is insuring that all those photos, contacts, videos, calendar entries, and other digital info will be there in ten years? Or in five years? Or even next year? Actually, who is making sure it will be there and accessible tomorrow? With Microsoft/Danger’s announcement of a total data storage failure on the T-Mobile Sidekick Network:

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