Ubuntu 10.04 – A Quick Review

Tuesday, 8. June 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 – A quick review.

The latest Ubuntu release has brought both praise and controversy to the boards and email lists. The debate regarding some of the visual changes, as well as the new services tied to Canonical, has caused a minor tremor through the open source community. But even with all the controversy, it’s still worthwhile to load up 10.04 and see what all the buzz is about!

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Ubuntu Releases 9.10 – Karmic Koala. An Initial Review.

Friday, 30. October 2009

Ubuntu 9.10. A first look…

Officially released on the 29th, Karmic Koala is burning up Internet bandwidth, as every Linux user rushes to download the new OS. I’ve only had a few hours to play with it, but all and all I like what I see. The developers have really put a lot into meeting the goals they set for themselves.

If you are a current Ubuntu user, you will notice some very slight changes in the user experience. Most of what went into this release is under the hood. Things like reducing bootup time and improving hardware configuration interfaces really take center stage.

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Starting over… Windows 7 or Linux.

Monday, 26. October 2009

Upgrading to Windows 7

Windows 7 is out! And as usual, Microsoft is pushing the idea that: “Windows 7 is the greatest operating system ever created”. Well, I would argue that point, but if you are a hardcore windows user, you most likely will be drinking from the Microsoft Cool-Aid fountain, and will purchase the Windows 7 upgrade.

The first thing you’ll notice is that if you aren’t running Vista, you will be installing Windows 7 as a fresh install. Even if you are running Vista, most experts recommend that you install from scratch regardless. So what does that mean to Windows users? You will be starting fresh! A fresh start! A new tomorrow!

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Over One Thousand Dollars For Software Per Computer?

Friday, 28. August 2009

This can’t be right. It’s going to cost $1000.00 just for software?

I must admit, this is quite a surprise, even for me. While pricing a PC for a client, I was shocked when I calculated the total cost of the software that they are required to use for their business.

The cost of software is one of those things that most business owners understand, but very few employees grasp. While there are open source alternatives available for these software packages, chances are that the client will elect to purchase this software, but as always, I’ll sure give him the option to try something different.

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