More About Baofeng HTs

Tuesday, 11. April 2017

More About Baofeng HTs.

I wanted to write up some info on inexpensive Chinese HTs to go with my New Ham’s Guide to Your First Radio post. I am planning a video on HTs in the coming weeks, so look for it soon!

Baofeng has many HTs to choose from. However, there is really only two styles that meet the needs of Ham Radio.

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Why Windows System Admins are Afraid of Linux

Tuesday, 8. September 2009

Microsoft training, where the fear begins.

A recent blog story from Daily Finance tells of leaked slides from Microsoft’s Expert Zone training class used to train Best Buy employees, contains out and out lies regarding security and compatibility comparisons between Windows 7 and Linux. For many Linux advocates, this is equivalent to a smoking gun in regards to Microsoft’s unethical methods of promoting it’s products. They point to the fact that Microsoft uses it’s technical training and certification programs to spread false information. WELL DUH!

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Over One Thousand Dollars For Software Per Computer?

Friday, 28. August 2009

This can’t be right. It’s going to cost $1000.00 just for software?

I must admit, this is quite a surprise, even for me. While pricing a PC for a client, I was shocked when I calculated the total cost of the software that they are required to use for their business.

The cost of software is one of those things that most business owners understand, but very few employees grasp. While there are open source alternatives available for these software packages, chances are that the client will elect to purchase this software, but as always, I’ll sure give him the option to try something different.

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