Over One Thousand Dollars For Software Per Computer?

Friday, 28. August 2009

This can’t be right. It’s going to cost $1000.00 just for software?

I must admit, this is quite a surprise, even for me. While pricing a PC for a client, I was shocked when I calculated the total cost of the software that they are required to use for their business.

The cost of software is one of those things that most business owners understand, but very few employees grasp. While there are open source alternatives available for these software packages, chances are that the client will elect to purchase this software, but as always, I’ll sure give him the option to try something different.

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Is Obama A Spammer?

Monday, 24. August 2009

Thousands report receiving health care email from White House without requesting it.

Over the last few days, news agencies have been reporting that the office of the president used a third party email service to deliver a political email to email accounts that were not subscribed or ever requested government email. This has lead to all sorts of questions regarding if tax payer money was used, or if the White House over stepped it’s bounds by sending what many are calling “SPAM” emails under the presidential umbrella.

This event has brought to the forefront a company that is engaged in managing mass emails for different government agencies called Gov Delivery. Caught in the middle of this whole thing, Gov Delivery is doing it’s best to protect both it’s clients, and it’s own back end. But I think everyone is missing the real story here.

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Using Rsync and Hard Linked Files to Store Backup Snapshots.

Thursday, 20. August 2009

Who’s really behind the idea.

First off, let me be clear that this was not my idea. I was told about this whole concept by Mike Rubel @ Cal Tech. He’s the rocket scientist behind this whole idea. Now that we have our “Credit Where Credit is Due” portion out of the way, let’s get into the whole rsync backup concept.

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Your Local User Group Is Your Friend.

Wednesday, 19. August 2009

I hate tech support…

I have to admit, I’m a bit jaded regarding software and computer support. It drives me crazy when the person I’m dealing with is reading from a script. This is one of the reasons I rarely call or contact support when I have a problem. The web usually does a great job as an information resource. But, sometimes the web doesn’t have the answer, and sometimes you need to look deeper for help.

The Best Support I have ever gotten.

Most folks in the open source community are used to “leaning” on each other to solve problems. That’s what we do. But all those poor people out there that run commercial software can get close to the same level of help and support from their local user groups and clubs in their community!

Try self support and go to a user’s meeting. Learn how we do it in the Open Source Community, and never sit on hold with a help desk again!

— Stu


Notes From My Linux Firewall Presentation.

Saturday, 15. August 2009

Linux Firewall Presentation Notes…

Here are the notes regarding what I covered in my presentation to the Simi Conejo Linux User Group. The actual presentation covered these subjects in more detail then I was able to fit in here, but you should get the general idea of the concepts covered by reading this all the way through. If you would like me to present this presentation for your organization or group, please contact me via email.

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Free Software Foundation Launches GNU Generation.

Thursday, 13. August 2009

GNU Generation, an open source community for teens!

GNU GenerationThe Free Software foundation has launched a community for teens ages 13 to 18 that are interested in contributing to open source. It’s goal is to give kids interested in open source development, a place to exchange ideas and participate in open source projects. GNU Generation isn’t just for coders. It will encourage kids to contribute art and documentation, and promote advocacy as well.

In a time where Open Source is starting to get a real foot hold on the American computer frontier, it’s good to see organizations reaching out to our youth with constructive ideas.

GNU Generation is holding annual contests and award the participants with free memberships and prizes.

Good going GNU!

— Stu


Why You Should Pay To License Software.

Tuesday, 11. August 2009

Why it’s important to pay for every copy of software you use.

Recently, I was chatting with some ‘Non Geek’ friends about the software they run on their home PCs. I was not surprised to hear that most of them ran a Microsoft OS and almost all Microsoft software. What was a surprise, was how many of them did not purchase the software for their PCs, or did not pay the license fees for every PC that was running the software on.

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Speaking Announcement – Build a Linux Firewall

Monday, 10. August 2009

How to build a Linux Firewall… Join us and Learn!

I will be speaking at the Simi Conejo Linux Users Group (SCLug) on August 15th 2009.

I will be demonstrating how to setup a Linux based PC with multiple network interfaces to act as a firewall. The presentation will cover the following topics:

  1. Linux as a stateful firewall.
  2. Using policy based routing to select between multipleĀ  routes.
  3. Performing source and destination network address translation.
  4. Performing load balancing between multiple internet connections.

I plan to start with a base Debian install, and take the group step by step through setting up NAT for both static and DHCP internet connections. I’ll then move to setting up a second internet connection, and demonstrate the use of policy routing to choose an outbound route for different types of connections. Once we’ve covered policy routing, I”ll finish up with session based load balancing across both connections.

If you are going to be in the East Ventura County area on the 15th, I encourage you to join us!

The presentation will be held at the Simi Valley YMCA at 2:00PM on August 15th, 2009.

I look forward to seeing you there!

— Stu


Twitter Down. Reports Under DoS Attack.

Thursday, 6. August 2009

What exactly is a DoS Attack?

In simple terms, a DoS or Denial of Service attack is when a system or group of systems, create traffic to a web site or network service, that causes an overload of the equipment and forces the web site or network service to drop or ignore real requests.

What we know at this time.

At the time or my writing, Twitter had gotten some control over this problem, and can now display web pages again, but are not accepting posts.

Facebook appears to have slowed down as well, but this is being attributed to the increased traffic to Facebook due to the Twitter problem.

— Stu


The Fight To Convert New Users To Open Source.

Wednesday, 5. August 2009

Why do I even try…

As my dad used to say, “Sometimes, the Dragon, he wins…”. For quite a while now, I have been on a mission to try to move my wife over to Open Office. She is a devoted Microsoft user, and runs the only jointly owned PC that has Windows as it’s primary operating system. Now, I’m not a totally anti-Microsoft, and I do believe that a person has the right to use whatever software they like, and are willing to properly license. But I really have a problem with paying for any software license when an equivalent Open Source option is available. I can’t seem to get through to my lovely wife, that Open Office will do all the things she uses MS Office for. The really sad thing, is she won’t even try Open Office. She gets mad if it’s on her PC! And when I ask her why she is against using it, she has the following reasons:

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