Your Local User Group Is Your Friend.

Wednesday, 19. August 2009

I hate tech support…

I have to admit, I’m a bit jaded regarding software and computer support. It drives me crazy when the person I’m dealing with is reading from a script. This is one of the reasons I rarely call or contact support when I have a problem. The web usually does a great job as an information resource. But, sometimes the web doesn’t have the answer, and sometimes you need to look deeper for help.

The Best Support I have ever gotten.

Most folks in the open source community are used to “leaning” on each other to solve problems. That’s what we do. But all those poor people out there that run commercial software can get close to the same level of help and support from their local user groups and clubs in their community!

Try self support and go to a user’s meeting. Learn how we do it in the Open Source Community, and never sit on hold with a help desk again!

— Stu


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