Open Source Groupware – SOGo

Monday, 1. August 2011

Open Source Groupware – The Clear Leader is SOGo:

Some of the early groups of articles I penned on this blog, were comparisons of Open Source Groupware projects. At that time, the only one I could really recommend was eGroupware. Although I still believe eGroupware is a valid contender for your Groupware server, I have discovered a project, that in my opinion is leaps and bounds ahead of the pack. The project is called SOGo.

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The Great Groupware Challenge. Part 1

Tuesday, 7. July 2009

eGroupware 1.6.001

eGroupware has all the features you would expect in a full featured enterprise groupware. This is why I have been using it for my company for the last two years.

It rates as one of the easiest LAMP applications I’ve ever installed, and has more features and applications then most commercial and open source groupwares. Actually, a few too many applications in my opinion.

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The quest for the holy groupware…

Monday, 6. July 2009

I spent the last half of my day checking out the status of client software available for my groupware of choice, Egroupware. It seems that we (the open source community) could do a better job with this. I mean seriously! So, I’ve decided to look into some of the other solutions. I’ll be reviewing:

  • eGroupware
  • Horde
  • MoreGroupware

I’ll share my results right here.

— Stu