The Technology of SCALE8x – A Post Event Review. PART – 1

Monday, 22. February 2010

The Technology of SCALE8x – A Post Event Review. PART – 1

Every February in Los Angeles CA, a group of dedicated volunteers get together to put on what many believe to be the largest all volunteer organized open source technology conventions in the US. This three day event features talks and exhibits specifically targeted at Open Source users, programmers, and system administrators.

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S.C.A.L.E is Coming! Feb. 19-21!

Tuesday, 16. February 2010

S.C.A.L.E is coming! Feb. 19-21!

Sorry to take so long between posts… But I’ve been kinda busy getting ready for The So. Cal Linux Expo, coming up in Los Angeles February 19th through the 21st. This is the premier open source show on the west coast! I’ll be there as the network architect this year, with Mike Maki taking over my position as Tech Committee Chairperson.

This year, we are pushing the envelope by adding IPv6 connectivity network wide. As near as we all can gather, this makes us the first show of this type to provide a dual stack network show wide!

If you are in to opensource, or getting pressure to reduce your IT costs, come enjoy the show! A quick sumary:

  • Over 80 exhibitor booths
  • Over 100 talks and presentations
  • B.O.F. events
  • Gatherings and Fun & Games

See their web page for details

Come be a part!

Hope to see you there.

— Stu