A Microsoft Free Workplace in Six Months. Part 2

Monday, 14. December 2009

Change is hard.

After a few unexpected road blocks, we are moving forward. The client has been working with the Ubuntu install we provided, and has come back to us with a list of questions.

  • How do I print to PDF?
  • I need to use MSN Instant Messaging, how do I do that?
  • I need a 3270 emulator, the windows one we bought won’t work.
  • I need a password manager.
  • I can’t seem to make Go To My PC work with Linux.
  • I really need a quick tutorial on basic navigation, I’m finding things like creating shortcuts and attaching to network shares challenging.

So, after a quick install of CUPS PDF, Pidgin, x3270, KeePass, and VNC-Server, as well as a 30 minute tutorial on desktop operation, we were back on track.

The next step.

Once the client is comfortable with the desktop, we will be moving to the next stage of testing. This will be a full operational test of Linux on his desk full time. I had hoped to be at this point already, but many things go into testing, and we need to get this right the first time if we have any hope of total conversion.

Check back soon, I’ll have more in a few weeks.

— Stu


New ACT USA Web Site Up!

Monday, 7. December 2009

New ACT USA Web site using Drupal is now up and for all to see!

Thanks again to all the friends and co-workers that helped me get this done.


— Stu


Working With Drupal or Practice What You Preach.

Thursday, 3. December 2009

A little history lesson.

For those of you that have been on another planet for the past 20 or so years, let’s cover some brief history. When I started playing with The Internet, if you wanted a web page, you created it with plain old HyperText Markup Language, or HTML. There weren’t really any WYSIWYG editors, so you had to know at least a little HTML language. Thankfully, the language was really simple. Simple, but rather limited.

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