Starting over… Windows 7 or Linux.

Monday, 26. October 2009

Upgrading to Windows 7

Windows 7 is out! And as usual, Microsoft is pushing the idea that: “Windows 7 is the greatest operating system ever created”. Well, I would argue that point, but if you are a hardcore windows user, you most likely will be drinking from the Microsoft Cool-Aid fountain, and will purchase the Windows 7 upgrade.

The first thing you’ll notice is that if you aren’t running Vista, you will be installing Windows 7 as a fresh install. Even if you are running Vista, most experts recommend that you install from scratch regardless. So what does that mean to Windows users? You will be starting fresh! A fresh start! A new tomorrow!

Windows 7 Compatibility

With every new version of Windows, it is inevitable that some of the software you run will become obsolete. Windows 7 is no different. Actually, Windows 7 has more compatibility issues then any other Windows release ever. When Microsoft was questioned about this issue, their solution was to have the users of unsupported software run a instance of Windows XP in a virtual host through Windows 7. This “virtual guest OS” feature is only available in the two upper priced versions of Windows 7.

What’s wrong with this picture…

So, let me get this straight.

  • I can’t upgrade my system unless I am running Vista
  • Even if I’m running Vista, I really need to install from scratch
  • Chances are some of my software won’t work without an upgrade
  • If the software doesn’t offer an upgrade right away, I need to install XP as a virtual host to run it
  • To run XP in a virtual host I need to buy one of the most expensive versions of Windows 7 to do it

You have got to be kidding me!

So, why not try Linux?

If you have to start over, why not try Linux? Linux is a free operating system based on Unix. It is what “runs the Internet”, and is extremely secure. In most cases, anything you do in Windows, can be done with Linux, and there are direct open source replacements for most of the Windows based software that you run.

Linux also supports Virtual Guest Operating Systems. So, if you had a software package that you absolutely need to us that only works on Windows, you can do the same thing that Microsoft is suggesting, you can run your current XP system as a virtual guest system in Linux.

And, the cost of running Linux? Not money, just your time to transition to it.

Look, if you are starting over anyway, why not start with a new system that is virus and spyware free?

I personally recommend Ubuntu for new users. Just download the ISO image and you can even run it without installing it in live mode. Check it out!

— Stu


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