A Microsoft Free Workplace in Six Months. Part 3

Monday, 22. March 2010

A Microsoft Free Workplace in Six Months. Part 3

Well, I’ve been putting off updates on this for a few months, hoping that this project would begin moving forward again. It hasn’t, and for the life of me, I can not figure out why. The client has postponed the project due to a sudden surge in business. Their reasoning is that it would require too much retraining at a time where they don’t have time to retrain.

The confusing thing to me is that when asked what their findings were up to this point, they listed the following:

  • Ubuntu systems operate faster then Windows systems.
  • Ubuntu systems have better stability then Windows systems.
  • Ubuntu is able to do all tasks we currently require to perform company related computing tasks.
  • Ubuntu desktop can be tailored to incorporate shortcuts that end users can easily use.

The only negatives were:

  • Ubuntu requires a rethinking regarding finding and installing software.
  • Most end users will not be able to modify their own desktop without training

The second thing I would think would be a plus, but that’s the system administrator in me coming out.

So, for now, the project is stalled. So for now, so is this series of articles… 🙁

— Stu


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  1. paul Says:

    Really enjoyed reading your experience and strategies re this effort. If it resumes, please keep me posted.

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