How Much Voltage Drop Should We Plan For?

Monday, 28. December 2020

How Much Voltage Drop Should We Plan For With 12V DC Power Systems?


What HF Rig Should I Buy?

Sunday, 27. December 2020

Guide to your First HF Rig.


A New Ham’s Guide to Your First Radio.

Tuesday, 11. April 2017

So you just got your Amateur Ticket…

Let me be the first to congratulate you on joining the ranks of Federally Licensed Amateur Radio Operators! You are about to start your journey of discovery and enlightenment that is only available to a select few.

I remember the day I drove 50 miles to take my Technician test. My wife went with me for moral support… well actually she wanted to walk around Old Town Pasadena CA while I was taking my test…. After figuring out the paperwork and going through the gauntlet of Volunteer Examiners all needing to see my ID and paperwork and such, I sat down and somehow managed to pass the element 2 level test, thus receiving my CSCE for my Technician Class License.

WOW! I Passed! Umm… Now What?

I passed. That day, I became a Ham Radio Operator, or Ham for short. I wasn’t all that surprised as I had studied and knew the material, but still, I had done it. I picked up my wife, and we headed back out on the freeway.

Once our conversation sank down to the silence of a long drive, my mind began to ponder the question that eventually hits all newly licensed Hams… What radio should I buy?

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